Our Origin

Yetu SACCO Society Ltd was initially registered as South Imenti Tea Growers SACCO Ltd. The founders had a dream and through their visionary leadership, committed members and good prevailing economic environment Yetu SACCO Society Ltd has built a rich history.

Over the years, we have continued to grow a diverse membership and increased income for the enterprising Kenyan population such as investment groups, small and medium enterprises with dreams to achieve great things.

Currently, Yetu SACCO Society Ltd is the leading rural based progressive Sacco in the county with its main goal being to realize a sustained economic growth and employment resulting to enhanced social welfare and increased income to its members.


Yetu SACCO Society Ltd was founded by South Imenti Tea Growers. A group of farmers came together and pooled their resources together to create a financial basket save and advance loans at an affordable rates.

It was officially registered with the ministry of Co-operative on 23rd September, 1991 with the following objectives:-

  • To mobilize savings and provide cheap credit to its members.
  • To eradicate poverty and improve the living standards of members.
  • To overcome exploitation and harsh conditions provided by banks and other financial institutions.
  • To educate and enlighten members on better savings habits and investment to achieve financial developments.
  • To promote education of their children of their and fight illiteracy.
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